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Prevention and Control of Corruption

In the light of the fruitful cooperation between the MCIT, through the “e-Learning Competence Center”, and the Administrative Control Authority,  
Symposium on "e-learning between now and the future, Aswan University 17 & 18 Abril

As part of the cooperation between the Ministry of Communications and the Governorate of Aswan, a seminar will be held entitled "E-learning between now and the future". The symposium will be held at Aswan University on 17 and 18 April.  
Lifelong Learning Program

e-Learning certifications and programs that provide learners with skills required to stay on cutting edge of technology and leadership.  
Content Development & Localization

ELCC develops and localizes e-learning content using state-of-the-art technology platforms and learning pedagogy.  
What's New @ ELCC
ELCC Partakes in Smart Learn 2018
The Conference aims to discuss the development of the smart learning environment. It tackled several topics, including smart educational content, smart technology, smart infrastructure, evaluation and quality assurance, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) in education.

Celebrating the first phase completion of the trainees of” improving the technical skill of the teachers working in the governmental sector initiative” at Cairo University
Eng. Hoda Dahroug (National Projects Director Egypt ICT Trust Fund - Acting Head of the Central Division for Community Development) and Eng. Yasser Kazem (ELCC Director) attended the first phase completion Celebration of the trainees of” improving the technical skill of the teachers working in the governmental sector initiative” at Cairo University, Monday, 26/02/2018

e-profEng Data
According to the contributions of the E-Learning Competence Center (ELCC), in Managing the projects of the European Union for the Development of Education using ICT Solutions, (ELCC) received an invitation from the Royal Institute of Technology of Sweden to participate in the e-Profing Project, One of the EU projects to support education and raise the capacity of human resources in Egypt Through the Erasmus + program.

International Diploma for School Teachers in STEM Education (eSTEM)
eSTEM project aims at creating dual (university-school) integrated diploma for developing a new generation of STEM teachers in Egypt, who are capable to provide adequate and innovative teaching in Science, Technology, Math and Engineering-based subjects, embracing STEM philosophy and are capable to bridge the gap between current school education methodologies and those needed for future pre-university school evolution.

Content Development and Localization
ELCC develops and localizes a wide array of e-Learning content to ‎provide organizations and individual learners with knowledge and ‎skills needed to stay on cutting edge of technology and leadership. ‎
Green ICT
The course provides knowledge of Green ICT concepts and best practice principles that enable participants to optimize the use of ICTs in their organizations.
ELCC Five-Year Achievement Report
Celebrating five years of excellence, the report portrays the center’s achievements since its inception in 2004.
ELCC Goes Green Case Study
The report documents ELCC’s experience in developing and implementing a comprehensive plan of action to go green to help frame best practices in this area and spread it allover the industry.

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