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ELCC Goes Green
Green ICT @ ELCC
ELCC believes business workflow and IT operations can be greener! Being committed to environmental responsibility in its business operations and e-learning solutions, ELCC implemented a plan of action to conserve energy, reduce traffic load and paper consumption and to minimize the use of hardware.

In fact, ELCC has successfully managed to realize some business and IT gains as a result of the adopted Green ICT plan of action, which is for the center, a kick-start for further energy efficiency and sustainability endeavors.

The realized business and IT gains are:
  • The optimization of IT infrastructure through improved operational efficiency.
  • The generation of time and cost savings .
  • The efficient use of power through server consolidation .
  • The simplification of data center management .
  • The reduction of power consumption.
Green Vision and Objectives

Through its Green ICT endeavor, the ELCC aims to:

Spread awareness on Green ICT and change individuals’ and organizations’ behavior in favor of Green ICT practices and to provide best practices that demonstrate the potential for energy savings and cost reduction

ELCC is setting out the following objectives to improve Green ICT credentials:
  • Develop, implement and sustain a Green ICT action plan.
  • Align ELCC’s business processes and working practices with Green ICT principles by making effective and innovative use of ICTs and changing the corporate culture.
  • Disseminate knowledge and awareness of the importance of Green ICT among all stakeholders through e-learning courses.
ELCC looks to address this through four areas:
  • The center’s operations and the impact it has as a business.
  • Creating efficiency and sustainability in its e-learning, which is inherently Green learning.
  • Integrating sustainability strategies in the center’s overall corporate strategy.
  • Inspiring its employees to get involved and take action.
  • Spreading knowledge and awareness of Green ICT through online courses.
Greening the Datacenter  

ELCC is improving the management of its data centre in a number of ways, mainly through:
  • Chilling.
  • Cooling.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Power systems management and monitoring.
  • Data center consolidation .
  • Energy management techniques .
Such techniques are further fortified by our server optimization strategies including:
  • Implementation of storage virtualization and capacity management .
  • Converting physical servers to virtual servers.
  • Converting physical servers to virtual servers.
  • Implementation of storage virtualization and capacity management .
  • Ensuring re-use of equipment.
Greening the Staff

ELCC’s staff has been encouraged to implement simple but high impact “Green” actions, including:
  • Turning their computers and monitors off at the end of each working day.
  • Switching off peripheral equipments overnight, e.g. printers and photocopying machines.
  • Removing active screen savers and utilize power management functionality for monitors .
  • Putting PCs in low power modes after periods of inactivity .
  • Reducing brightness on monitors .
  • Disposing technologies in a sound and environmentally friendly manner .
  • Ensuring printers are purchased with automatic duplex function that allows the automatic printing of a sheet of paper on both sides .
  • Printers are set for double-sided printing as the default and grey printing.  .
  • Using dashed and draft paper for printing as much as possible .
  • Refraining from printing emails wherever possible .
  • Using teleconferencing and video-conferencing - WebEX – wherever possible to save travel and meeting room space .
Greening the Workflow

ELCC has actively integrated a number of sustainability themes in its day-to-day business and technical operations.

Carbon Reduction
  • Printer rationalization .
  • Printing policies, enforcing duplex printing .
  • Electronic faxing .
  • Server virtualization.
  • Remote PC support.
Desktop Equipment
  • Posters / awareness campaigns to reinforce message.
  • All monitors are configured to switch to sleep mode after 10 minutes of inactivity .
  • Ensuring printers are purchased with automatic duplex function that allows the automatic printing of a sheet of paper on both sides.
  • Removing active screensavers.
  • Enabling active power management.
  • Ensuring re-use of equipment.
  • Optimizing power saving sleep mode on printers.
  • Setting default green printing including duplex and grey scale .
  • Setting targets for paper consumption and auditing it .
  • Power down printers outside office hours.
Telecommuting/Working Remotely
In addition to secure email and network access, ELCC’s IT departments leveraged the features and benefits of connecting via the WebEx and conferencing to allow its staff to telecommute.

Virtual Conferences
In order to reduce travel, ELCC uses WebEx to replace the need for travel for conferences and customer visits in an attempt to help reduce travel costs and carbon footprints. Our virtual conferences are easily hosted by using many of the features of WebEx through which we are able to interact with participants of conferences through video, audio, chat, screenshare, presentations and polling questions.
Lessons Learnt

Our experience has provided us with the following learnt lessons, which are worth sharing:
  • Green ICT should be a component of the overall organizational strategy.
  • Green ICT strategy must be connected to business strategy and key stakeholders.
  • Scope of Green ICT must be clearly defined.
  • Resources need to allocated to help keep focus.
  • Engage staff to maintain momentum.
  • Every contribution makes a positive difference.
Although ELCC’s added value of Green ICT is represented by an improvement in the environmental input/output balance and cost savings, this is only the reap of the low-hanging fruits. We aspire, through the kick-off of our Green action, to present a role model for other entities and organizations in Egypt to Green their operations and to provide them with a valid and practical starting point for doing so.
Contact Us

Contact us to learn more about our Green strategy and Green e-Learning programs.
E-mail: elcc@mcit.gov.eg
Tel:      +202 3534 5134
Fax:     +202 3534 6024
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